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Do you own a painted brick building, home, commercial, or industrial property, which has been previously painted or you have a vision to improve the look of your home?

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Hablux Global Resources Limited is a registered company (RC1035581) designed for paint production and expert painting services for the home and commercial buildings.

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Looking for a Nigeria commercial painting company? Look no further than HABlux Professional Painting Service.

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  1. Wallpapering scissors: are the symbols of paperhangers, however, nowadays they are being replaced by more efficient tools such as a straight edge and a utility knife.
  2. An edge trimmer: is used especially for a double seam cut.
  3. A chalk line: can be used to quickly draw straight, long line, even on ceilings.
  4. A utility knife; with a breakable blade should always be on hand when hanging wallpaper.
  5. A conical seam roller: is ideal for smoothing down protruding wallpapers.
  6. A seam roller: made of soft plastic is used for sensitive wallpaper surface.
  7. A paint scraper: has many uses: to plug up damage spots in the plaster, to remove sticky wallpaper and paint residue and lots more.
  8. Corner roller: is used to fold over stubborn “wallpaper at edges and corners. However, they are not recommended for wallpaper with sensitive surface or paper Wallpaper.
  9. A perforating roller (or spike roller)
  10. A paper tiger scoring tool: is used to removed old wallpaper using them, old wallpaper that stick fast can be perforated such as that the wallpaper stripper paste solution can be better absorbed and dissolve the old,
  11. Using the scolding spatula, plaster and fuller ridges, paint droplets and other profusions can be scraped off before wallpaper.
  12. Knock down scrapers: helps remove ridges and old residual paint from lager wall and ceiling area.
  13. A paste syringe can aid in filling in air polled and wallpaper bubbles.
  14. A plumb line is needed to draw on accurate perpendicular for the first strip of wallpaper.
  15. Paint rollers made of artificial fibers are suitable for applying paste to walls . when rollers with small naps are used, they are less likely to splash than those with longer naps
  16. A Pressure roller made from foam rubber or soft plastics is the most useful  tools  with which To press the wallpaper strips to the wall. It is suitable for non woven, metallic, textile and texture Wallpapers 

17.  A ceilings brushes used for moistening, neutralizing, primary and posting for these jobs, these are Special develop bristle qualities that can vary greatly in their durability and liquid absorption.

18.  A straight edged wallpaper rail server as a cutting rule for wall and wallpaper table.

19. Line gloves are recommended when dealing with sensitive wall covering such as metallic or velour wallpaper.

20. Soft wallpaper brushes are primarily used to press embossed paper or non-woven wallpaper with a sensitive surface.

21. The wallpaper cutter with a notched edge is very versatile and is especially suited cutting length of wallpaper.


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